The technical experience and competence combined with our cutting edge technology enable MEDIAPLUS to undertake any kind of audiovisual production.

We offer a full range of latest technology:

  • Cameras ( Phantom Flex, ARRI Alexa LF, Alexa SXT, Alexa Mini...)
  • Lenses (Master Anamorphics, Signature Primes, Kowa Anamorphics, Cooke S4i, Super Baltars,ARRI UltraPrimes, ARRI Master Primes, ARRI CompactPrimes, ARRI Alura Zooms, ARRI Master Macro, Optimo zooms etc...)
  • Specilised lighting equipment and accessories (HMI & Tungsten flicker-free, Luminys LabLight, Dedolights, Kinoflo, Freznel, Cinepar)
  • Grip equipment (Tripods, Dolly, Cranes, Gyro heads, Car mounts, etc.) for all our clients’ production needs.